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Rain doesn't hurt Saints' training camp

By By Richard Dark/EMG staff writer
July 27, 2003
METAIRIE, La. The skies opened up just after lunch dropping plenty of rain on the Saints training facility only a short time after their completion of morning practice at 11 a.m.
The team had already scheduled its evening practice to be held inside the new indoor facility. Had the team still been at Nicholls State University, and gotten the amount of rainfall that was received, it would have more than likely meant a missed practice the first day out.
The team finished its day by working out in shells at the 7:30 p.m. practice. Today's slate begins with an indoor workout in full pads beginning at 3 p.m.
Brooks feeling good
Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks withstood more than his fair share of the media crush whenever the excited herd swarmed around him after the morning session to inquire about the surgically repaired and rehabilitated shoulder.
The quarterback had high praise for his teammates on this the first day. "Everybody looked great running around, I was just hoping that no one would get too hot since it's the first day back in a while," he said. Brooks took a great deal of reps and declared himself fit and ready.
Freddie Mac thinks back
Philadelphia native Fred McAfee is back for his 13th NFL season and he said this camp has the air and feeling to him of another from his past.
McAfee said he remembered former Saint linebacker Sam Mills knocking him silly during a running drill that first year. "I think I actually felt a butterfly in my stomach today as I was getting ready (for practice). This is my 13th year, but It feel like it's my first."
All the comforts of home
Unlike past years when the team roughed it in places like Lacrosse, Wis. and Thibodeaux in college dorm rooms, this year's digs have all the creature comforts. The players have taken up two floors in a nearby luxury hotel.
Ooos and Ahhs
One of the biggest crowd reactions came when wideout Joe Horn lined up opposite of cornerback Dale Carter. Neither man ultimately seemed to get the best of each other, but in keeping with defense leading the theme of the first day's news, Haslett had high praise for Carter.