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Camelot' auditions are Monday and Tuesday at MLT

By Staff
special to The Star
July 27, 2003
Meridian Little Theatre will hold auditions for Lerner and Loewe's "Camelot" on Monday and Tuesday at the Highway 39 playhouse.
Jimmy Pigford directs this Tony Award-winning musical, which tells of the medieval King Arthur, his Knights of the Round Table and Queen Guenevere who changed the course of English history.
Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet starred in the original production's successful and long run on Broadway.
The characters are:
King Arthur: A good, well meaning man, idealistic, troubled and eager to bring about a better world. He is an attractive and deeply sympathetic character, especially in his defeats. Arthur has three solo songs and four songs with Guenevere.
Guenevere: Attractive and bright. In the beginning, she yearns for romance and "a little war"; later, she becomes a devoted wife and finally falls victim to the evil Mordred. She has six solos, sings with the ensemble and sings four songs with Arthur.
Lancelot: A handsome knight from France who has dedicated his life to the quest of perfection in body and spirit. The quest is ruined when he falls in love with Guenevere. Lancelot sings the beautiful "If Ever I Would Leave You."
Merlyn: Arthur's white bearded, trusty teacher who knows the future because as a wizard he has lived in the future. He doesn't sing.
Pellinore: A comic old knight in rusty armor who is searching for a fabled monster. He doesn't sing.
Mordred: The evil son of Arthur who tries to dishonor the King. He has two songs.
Morgan Le Fey: A beautiful and food-loving witch who tries to cast her evil spells over Arthur and his kingdom. She has one song.
The chorus consists of the lords and ladies of Camelot. Chief among them is Sir Dinadan, Sir Lionel, Sir Sagramore, Lady Catherine, Lady Anne and a boy, Tom, of Warwick, who Arthur knights and sends to tell the world of Camelot's quest for right and honor.
Music director for this large-scale production will be Ken Patterson. Choreographer is Pat Gray. William Harper is producer. Wayne McInnis will be rehearsal pianist and Carey Smith is orchestra conductor. Those wanting to work backstage should sign up on the dates of the try-outs.