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MYSO moves games to weekdays

By By Ryan Satcher / staff writer
July 30, 2003
For the first time in Meridian, soccer teams will play night games during the week instead of weekend games.
The Meridian Youth Soccer Organization has decided to move games for the organization to weekday nights in an effort to draw more athletes.
Some of the scheduling is still being worked on, but games will now probably be played on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights instead of on Saturday mornings. The games will likely start around 6 p.m., much like other area youth sports.
Soccer runs for two seasons during the year in Meridian. Teams compete in a Fall season from September to November and then also compete in a Spring season.
The organization now has around 700 participants and has a strong foundation in Meridian. Leagues for kids from four-to-18-years-old are available. The new move is to help more athletes in those ages to get involved.
Some other areas in the state have moved to the night games in the past and the move worked well. The MYSO is counting on the same move benefitting soccer in the Meridian area.
The plan should help parents and kids avoid conflict with college football schedules and other activities that make weekends busy.
The games will be played at both the Northeast Park and Jaycee Soccer Complex. The areas are already ready for night competition, which helps make the move very easy for the MYSO.