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A runoff in District 1

By Staff
Aug. 7, 2003
Political consultants believe that a runoff is a whole new election, and so it goes that another chapter in the local 2003 political book opened on Wednesday. That's the day two candidates for Lauderdale County Supervisor in District 1 Sidney Covington and Eddie Harper took to the campaign trail again after surviving Tuesday's Republican primary. They will face each other in a winner-take-all runoff on Aug. 26. With complete but unofficial results in, Covington had 1,315 votes, or 35.5 percent, to Harper's 923, or 24.9 percent.
Both candidates worked hard right to the end of the primary and now will turn their attention to getting the vote out again in three weeks. We encourage voters in District 1 to ask questions in order to get to know these two individuals better as the runoff date approaches. Then, District 1 voters should return to the polls again, when either Covington or Harper will be elected to this important office.