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August 13, 2003

By Staff
Vandalism a senseless act
To the editor:
Two thumbs up for the person or persons responsible for the vandalism at the Beechwood Ridge subdivision on Valley Road early last Sunday morning. Not only did you vandalize personal property, but two county road signs as well. The question is, are you stupid enough to spray paint your own numbers on these signs or are these the numbers of people you dislike?
#22, #35 and #20 … These are the numbers that now adorn our beautiful new $1,000 subdivision sign and the two road signs that we taxpayers will have to pay to replace. This is such a stupid and senseless act.
This is the third sign that will have to be replaced since the subdivision was built. This subdivision was built almost single-handedly by a man with a dream of creating a family-oriented, peace-loving neighborhood.
Unfortunately he did not live to see most of the beautiful homes built here by close-knit families; fortunately, he did not have to see his hard worked dream vandalized.
School has started back and you have bragging rights, but be careful who you brag to. The neighbors of this subdivision have joined together to offer a large cash reward for information leading us to these vandals. If you have any information regarding this crime, please call 480-1053 or the Lauderdale County Sheriff's office.
Toni Myers and the owners and homeowners of Beechwood Ridge Subdivision
Firefighters say thanks to residents
To the editor:
We, the Meridian Firefighters of Local 52 want to thank, first Wal-Mart Supercenter, for letting us take donations for the Waller family, who last week suffered the devastation of losing their home and, worst of all, having two children injured, sadly, one fatally.
Secondly, I want to thank the public for all the heartfelt comments and their generosity. From the couple that gave $100 to the little 10-year-old boy who went and took up all the extra money his family had after buying groceries, $1.85.
That gave me such a lump in my throat, but it also made me thankful to live in such a community and be able to do the job that we as fireFighters do.
Thanks again, Meridian, for all the support for the Waller family and also for supporting us, your firefighters.
Capt. Joe Collins
Fire Station No. 2
To the editor:
If you were born black, you will die black and if you were born white you will die white. In dealing with all other options and aspects of life in the good old USA we must make choices, and whatever or whoever we become is a direct result of the choices we make.
Generally speaking, adult citizens of this country fall within two categories conservative or liberal.
Conservatives seem to place God first, then their family, their community, their state, their nation and then the world, in that order. They look at their God in a tender, human and personal sort of way. They know that God made man in the image of Himself. They also know that God possesses the attributes of man but to an infinitely large and higher degree. God has the answers. They don't!
Conservatives expect themselves and their fellow citizens to be responsible individuals, to be moderate, prudent, cautious and traditional in manner and style. They have a natural tendency to conserve and preserve whatsoever is tried and true within their religion, family and government. They overwhelmingly support our commander in chief in executing the war on terrorists.
Liberals have a tendency to try to make God in their own image; an abstraction or a separate entity and generally do not think of God as a person. Their philosophy seems to be that they wouldn't think of dragging God down to our level where he can really be helpful. They seem to have most of the answers, answers they obtain by emotion rather that reason.
They are elitist and truly believe they are superior to everyone else. They enjoy a constant state of change and a deep dissatisfaction promotes a desire and a need for inferior people to depend upon them for their existence. They are hell bent to secularize our government; to convert our dependency as stated in the Declaration of Independence, to that of a worldly dependence, devoid of God. They are more concerned about promoting the immoral and decadent social sins that our enemies used to become what they are terrorists!
That is the way I see it. You be the judge.
Barney Shepherd