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August 17, 2003

By Staff
Interest in Navy League
continues to grow
To the editor:
The Meridian Area Navy League has signed up 326 new members thanks to Alecia Crawford and her hard working committee. This is halfway to our goal of 600 new members.
This success has captured national attention. The magazine "Sea Power" shows that Meridian ranks fourth nationwide in new member enlistments (for comparison purposes, New York City is fifth). Further our top salesperson, Ann Alexander, ranks ninth in the nation and we have seven people listed among the regional leaders.
The Meridian Star and the other media have been instrumental in this achievement.
As all of us in this area know, the Navy League's sole purpose is to support the retention of Naval Air Station Meridian and all of our other military units. We believe that the large membership of our organization was one of the reasons NAS Meridian survived previous base closure moves.
The 2005 BRAC will close more bases than all of the other three closures combined; therefore, it is critical for our membership drive to continue.
In the past, only individuals could be members of the Meridian Area Navy League. It is now possible for businesses or organizations to become "Community Affiliate" members. Seven groups have already joined. An individual application blank is in today's edition of The Star; should any company be interested in becoming a member, please call Dorothy Allen (693-1306) or me (485-7046) and one of our membership team will be glad to provide an application.
Thanks again to The Meridian Star and all of the other news media for your assistance in this most important community effort.
Bill Johnson
Meridian Area Navy League
It's a team thing
To the editor:
Recently, Mr. R.D. Harris returned to Meridian High School and the Meridian Public School District. It reminded me of the old Western movies I grew with; John Wayne, Matt Dillon, Clint Eastwood, etc., starring in titles such as "High Noon," "Showdown" and "A New Sheriff in Town."
When you heard who was going to star in the movie, and the title, you knew that there was going to be some action, excitement, a climax and unforgettable ending. I felt the same excitement in the MPSD boardroom during the press conference to announce the return of R.D. Harris to Meridian High School and the Meridian Public School community.
It must be remembered that although R.D. Harris is an outstanding administrator with 37 years of experience at all levels in public education, it is going to take a team effort to get Meridian Public Schools working together, prekindergarten through 12th grade, to see the improvement at all levels of education.
The approach must be a team approach. We have to put students, parents, educators, Partners-in-Education, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the community on this team in order to achieve success.
I want to encourage each of you to look at things you can do in order to help Meridian High School and Meridian Public School District become the district that we are all proud of.
A new sheriff (principal) is also in town at Carver Middle School, Magnolia Middle School, Poplar Springs Elementary, West End Elementary and Ross Collins Vocational Center.
I have never seen a winning team, even a Super Bowl, team that did not work together.
Robert M. Markham
Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Meridian Public School District
Water association
undergoing improvements
To the editor:
North Lauderdale Water Association's goal is to supply our customers with quality drinking water. To assure this we are undergoing a number of improvements throughout our franchised area. At times customers may have an interruption in service, and may even be asked to boil drinking water.
NLWA knows this is an inconvenience to our customers. We ask for you to please bear with us during this time of construction. We feel the results of this work will benefit everyone in the long run.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
Lynn Pratt
North Lauderdale Water Association
the Devil in
To the editor:
Now that an openly gay minister has been elected as a bishop in New Hampshire, we, as Christians, can indulge in any sin we wish. Wickedness is now promoted over righteousness, even in churches. This means that God's views on homosexuality, or any subject, means nothing. This means that sinners can just keep on doing what they are doing. It means an adulterer can be proud of himself and continue. This means that a child molester can continue his habits.
Whatever sick ideas Satan puts in our mind will be okay. We'll need not repent. Instead of praying about our sins, we can just forget it. Whew, what a load off our backs. We can now serve God and Satan at the same time.
We have progressed by leaps and bounds. We no longer need the Bible because we can make up our own rules. The law of Moses didn't really fit our free lifestyle anyway. We can let Satan rule and pretend to follow Jesus. No one will know the difference, not even God.
These leaders are brilliant. Membership and donations may increase for this "church." What a great idea, but, please exclude me.
Satan is having a field day in America. We are lying down and letting him walk right into our churches, untouched. But, if he brings his filth to Meridian, he should be ready for a fight.
Bruce McGee