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Mississippi team wins Dixie Majors Showcase tourney

By Staff
from special reports
August 24, 2003
The Dixie Majors Showcase team from Mississippi won the 2003 Dixie Majors Showcase here in Montgomery, Ala., last weekend.
"This was truly a team effort," said Mississippi manager Neil Anderson. "Everyone played hard and contributed a great deal to the success of this team this weekend."
Bo Davis of West Lauderdale led the Mississippi squad at the plate, hitting .375 with six hits, including a double and a home run, and seven RBI. Davis also stole three bases and scored a team high seven runs.
"Bo did what a lead off batter is supposed to do," said Anderson. "He scored eight times and got on base nine times and he only struck out one time. He got on base and scored. That is what you ask your leadoff man to do."
Tyler McMullen of Meridian High School also hit a four-bagger in the tournament along with four other hits, hitting .500 for the tournament with three walks. McMullen also pitched five innings, striking out five, and winning one game for Mississippi.
Leading the team on the mound was Ben Wade. Wade went 2-0, pitching seven scoreless innings. While on the mound, Wade fanned nine while only walking one.
"Ben did a heck of a job for us on the mound," said Anderson. "He was really on the entire tournament and had his best stuff.
"These guys did an excellent job for us, but the whole team played together," said Anderson. "That is what it takes, and it is hard to get good team chemistry when you only have a couple of weeks to get ready to play. However, our guys got to work on the first day and encouraged each other from day one."
Brandon Dotson hit .364, with four hits and two RBIs. Dotson also pitched two innings, striking out three and allowing no earned runs.
Matt Andrews hit .333, going five for his last nine in the tournament. Andrews knocked four runs in and had a double in the tournament.
Jared Lowery went five for 11, .455, with four RBIs and two doubles.
Kedrick Martin of Meridian High School and Brooks Lewis combined for a five-inning no-hitter in the tournament. Martin hit .444 with one RBI. On the mound, he pitched one inning striking out the side. Lewis also hit .444 with a double and two RBI. He toed the rubber for four innings, striking out 3 and winning one game.
Derek Norris had two hits for Mississippi with three RBIs and drawing a walk.
Chris Pierce hit .500 with four hits and one stolen base.
Ben Smith had three hits for Mississippi and hit three runs in. Smith also scored five runs and stole four bases. On the mound, Smith pitched 2 2/3 innings, striking out 2 and earning a save. Smith allowed no runs on the mound.
Kyle Edwards hit .333 with three doubles. He pitched 2 1/3 innings striking out one.
Randy Diveley of West Lauderdale batted .375 with two runs batted in. He also had one stolen base.
Jon Fortenberry pitched in four innings and struck out three, earning a save. Fortenberry only allowed three hits.
Jonathan Blakeney pitched three innings, striking out two batters. He earned a win and gave up no free bases to the opponents.
"Again, we played hard and played as a team," said Anderson. "I fell very privileged to have had the chance to coach this great bunch of young men and being able to win this tournament.
"I would like to thank my coaching staff for all their help," said Anderson. "They really did a lot of work and I could not have done this without them. Also, thanks to Mr. Jerry Cole, our state director. He made this possible, allowing us to put a team of great athletes together to represent our state."