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Johnson inducted into poet society

By Staff
POET AWARD Elizabeth Johnson of Meridian holds a medal and looks at a trophy that she recently received from the International Poets Society.Photo by Penny Randall . The Meridian Star
By Penny Randall / staff writer
August 24, 2003
Elizabeth Johnson of Meridian just returned home from what she described as "an unbelievable experience."
Johnson, along with 1,700 poets from across the world, was inducted into the International Society of Poets at the 2003 summer convention and symposium a three-day conference in Washington on Aug. 15-17.
Johnson was one of three poets from Mississippi. She read her poem "When It Is Possible" in front of the group and also met movie star Mickey Rooney and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet William Snodgrass.
Johnson works as a unit secretary at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center. She and her husband, George, have three children and 12 grandchildren. Johnson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Hoze.
This is the poem she read at the induction ceremony:
When the door of opportunity opened
I was somewhere lost in time
Dreaming of a silver platter.
As the dream faded away
The door of opportunity was still open,
I then realized I must not let it slip away.
For it is possible to embrace, with care,
Mold as a beautiful masterpiece
And to address the world with Glory.
As I speak, enhance with "When It Is Possible"
The door of opportunity can be
Conquered with greatness of power.
This is my Silver Platter!
Elizabeth Johnson