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It's my right to choose

By By Angie Jones-Secrist / special to The Star
Aug. 30, 2003
What is wrong with people in the world today? I believe in freedom of religion as much as anyone else, but, come on people, why can't the Ten Commandments display stay in the Alabama judicial building? It was not hurting anyone being there.
It is everyone's right to read it, believe it, or to not read it, or to not believe it. What is the deal with people that do not believe in God? Do these people think that those of us that do believe in God do not have our rights as well?
I believe we should all be able to worship the way we choose, as long as we are not hurting others. But it hurts me and many people that we are only allowed to believe in God as long as we don't talk about it or display it in public. It is my right to believe in God as much as it is an atheist's right to not believe.
I will not push my beliefs on you, so do not push yours on me. I have to answer for the way I live as well as you will have to answer for the way you live.
If there is a program on television that you do not like, what do you do? You choose not to look at it. So if you do not like anything concerning God, then do not look at it. It all comes down to a choice. Do not choose for me and I won't choose for you.
Do not get me wrong now. I do not think that there is only one way or one religion that matters. I am just saying that I want to live my life my way as well as you want to live your life your way.
Angie Jones-Secrist lives in Meridian.