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Wayne County has interesting week one

By By Austin Bishop / EMG regional sports director
Sept. 3, 2003
WAYNESBORO The first week of the season was an interesting one for Wayne County High School head coach Marcus Boyles and his War Eagles.
A wild rumor about a massive fight involving up to 15 of his players and two coaches circulated around the state, causing Boyles to have to deal with that distraction, while preparing his team to travel to Columbus to take on the then-No. 18 ranked Falcons. No. 1-ranked Wayne County won the game 13-0.
He said that when he walked into the Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, that was what everyone was talking about it.
Boyles said that a fight did take place in the Wayne County field house between four players after practice on Monday.
He said that the two players said something to each other after practice and the tussle began. Two other players then got involved, with Boyles moving in to break it up.
He said the four players involved were taken to the school administration, where they received two-day suspensions.
All of the players involved were available for the game on Friday night.