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Sept. 4, 2003

By Staff
Election time
To the editor:
Isn't it funny that the closer we get to the Nov. 4 elections the more and more we see of our supervisors. I can only wonder if having your driveway paved is worth our votes. You may say, well, at least I got mine done.
That nice driveway will probably be the last place you see your child before they go off to college or maybe to the military. Because you got your driveway paved there may not be any real new job prospects.
Want proof? Just take a drive around the south part of this county and look. Maybe the local paving companies just had a special. Or maybe our county funds are going for votes instead of fixing the roads that our school buses have to ride down.
Everyone has their own ideas of what the supervisors should be doing. I am on record as not supporting the private corporation that is in charge of bringing jobs to our area, especially when some of these people conveniently own property in the proposed industrial park or near the multimillion-dollar horse barn. You know the one that has no heating or A/C.
And then there is the matter of building a baseball park in a swamp. There are some who think that maybe these were not good ideas. But that is what you get when you drive down that new driveway.
So when your child leaves for school or boot camp and never comes back home except for holidays, try to think, what if? What if I tried to change things by voting for someone else. If change is hard to accept, how hard is it say goodbye.
Let's make our votes count for more than driveways. Let's keep our children home, so we can be closer to our grandchildren.
W. David Hackney
Tirade against Boswell was childish
To the editor:
I generally agree with Craig Ziemba's opinion in The Meridian Star, so I am disappointed with his childish tirade against District 5 Supervisor Ray Boswell ("Anybody but Boswell," Aug. 24, 2003). By his own admission, he wanted to confront Mr. Boswell. Well, when you pick a fight you should know they fight back.
We moved to the Vimville area two years ago and find Mr. Boswell to be one of the most helpful county officials. If he can't help you he knows who can. If you call Mr. Boswell he calls you back, which is one of the reasons people vote for him. He is an honest, hard-working man and you know where he stands on an issue.
Mr. Ziemba insulted everyone who votes for Ray, implying that we are too stupid to know anything but to vote for a Democrat. I'm a Republican and my husband is an independent, but we will vote for Mr. Boswell and some other D's.
Is Mr. Ziemba saying the people in District 5 are not as educated as he is? He obviously doesn't live in District 5 he couldn't name anyone else he'd vote for.
Edna Coker
Some of us still care about God's creatures
To the editor:
My husband and I live east of Chunky on a farm back off Highway 80. Normally, it's a pleasant place to live. I say normally because lately the neighborhood has been a dumping ground for unwanted dogs that people drop off on Highway 80.
This afternoon, I looked out my window to see a medium-sized black dog running up into our carport. He was bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound. I called to my husband and the dog died shortly afterward. Of course, the cleanup was a chore, but at least we provided the poor dog with a place to die.
Our neighborhood is populated with many self-described Christians. But I wonder how Christian it is to neglect and injure these creatures that God put on earth to live, just as we have been. This is the same mentality that deer hunters have when they wound an animal and leave it to die in the woods. We've had instances of that on our farm, too.
I only hope that the person who shot this dog and did not take any action to at least put him out of his misery knows how I feel about his insensitivity and that the individual who left the dog on the highway is aware that some of us still care about God's creatures.
Mary Culpepper