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Peavey Electronics celebrates
10 years of MediaMatrix

By Staff
TECHNOLOGY SEMINARS Peavey Electronics, as shown in the photo above, conducts frequent seminars on MediaMatrix technology for system integrators, designers, consultants and others in the high-tech MediaMatrix Laboratory at Peavey International Headquarters in Meridian. Peavey Electronics is celebrating 10 years of providing the technology. SUBMITTED PHOTO
special to the Star
Sept. 21, 2003
When Hartley Peavey began tinkering with amplifiers in the early 1960s, he probably never imagined that his creations would one day be known around the world.
But through constant innovation, that's exactly what happened. Peavey's name is branded across speakers and other audio systems worldwide.
And today, Peavey's company is celebrating another milestone: 10 years of producing audio systems that can be designed and controlled by personal computers.
Peavey unveiled the MediaMatrix division of Peavey Electronics in 1993 and created an entirely new way to design and install complex audio systems.
Since the first MediaMatrix system was installed in the U.S. Senate Chamber, the product line has expanded and so have its uses.
MediaMatrix installations can now be found all over the world, including the parliament houses of New Zealand, Russia and Germany, and the renowned Sydney Opera House in Australia.
Most major theme parks and more than a fourth of all National Football League stadiums in North America also use MediaMatrix systems.
Peavey said by continually diversifying and changing with the marketplace, Peavey Electronics will ensure its position in the increasingly crowded audio market.
With the use of MediaMatrix systems, Peavey said they may use computer software to completely replace conventional audio systems such as huge racks full of equipment but loudspeakers are still necessary to deliver the sound.
Loudspeakers and accessories for these systems are also sold through the company's other divisions, allowing the company to offer nearly any audio component a MediaMatrix installation could require.
Peavey now plans to take the system and focus in the area of transportation centers, such as airports and train terminals.