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By Staff
Sept. 24, 2003
The Rev. Carless Evans Jr. writes from the heart.
In his small, yet powerful 64-page book, "All About Heaven," he shares the sermons that he has preached over the years.
Chapter 4 is called Heaven: Questions and Answers. In it, Evans writes, "Over the last 40 years plus, I have listened to people as they have asked me questions about heaven. I have tried to write them down and now have a bank of over a hundred."
Evans shares about 25 of those questions and his answers. He says the most commonly asked is, "Will I know my loved ones when I get to heaven?"
Evans is a native of Meridian. He served several churches including Arkadelphia and Liberty Baptist churches of Lauderdale County, First Baptist Church of Collins and First Baptist Church of Picayune.
As a college professor, he taught at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Fla. He is also trained in aviation and was a pilot examiner for the Federal Aviation Agency. He has served as a commuter airline pilot and as an aviation instructor for the U.S. Navy at Naval Air Station Meridian.
He is co-founder and president of Ebenezer Ministries. He continues to serve churches as interim pastor, revival preacher and Bible teacher.
Evans has also written "The Joy of Christian Living" and has started a third book, "The Great Story: God's Eternal Purpose."
Book: "All About Heaven"
Publisher: Ebenezer Ministries
How to order: Write to Ebenezer Ministries, P.O. Box 45, Bailey, MS 39320-0045; call: (601) 737-2240; or
Cost: $6
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