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In my own words…
Remembering the heroes of 9/11

By By Jeffrey C. Follett / special to The Star
Sept. 28, 2003
I would like to take this opportunity to pass to you some thoughts relating to a memorial ceremony held here on September 11, 2003.
A very moving ceremony was conducted, remembering the individuals who lost their lives two years ago today, the occupants of the World Trade Center, the brave emergency responders who did all within their ability to assist, those in Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon.
The ceremony opened with the presentation of the U.S. flag, followed by the singing of our National Anthem, and a pictorial review of that horrific day. There were memorial presentations made by base fire protection personnel, security forces personnel and medical squadron personnel, as the Firefighters' Prayer, Police Officers' Prayer, and Emergency Medical Technicians' Prayer were read.
Perhaps the highlight of the occasion, however, was the speech given by our keynote speaker, Col. James D. Conrad, Wing Commander here at our
deployed location. It needs to be shared with more than just those who were present at the ceremony.
While it addressed the men and women of the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army that are based here as we continue our fight against terrorism, I feel that it applies to all people who share our convictions and place value in our way of life. I present it here for your reading and reflection: