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Taking a stand

By Staff
Sept. 28, 2003
With manufacturing jobs disappearing from Mississippi faster than snowflakes in July, the trade association that represents this influential sector of the economy has again taken a courageous political stand. Under the leadership of president Jay C. Moon, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association last week endorsed the candidacy of incumbent Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck.
Tuck is running against a trial lawyer liberal state senator from Canton named Barbara Blackmon, whose husband, Ed, also a trial lawyer, serves in the House. Should Barbara Blackmon be elected to what is arguably the state's most powerful position, Mississippians can kiss further civil justice reform goodbye.
The MMA is wise to put its muscle behind a candidate for lieutenant governor whose record is consistently pro-business. For example, without Lt. Gov. Tuck's aggressive advocacy, medical liability reform and certain other civil justice reform measures might not have seen the light of day.
We applaud the Mississippi Manufacturers Association for taking a stand, advancing its members' cause on the basis of real issues, and for encouraging its members to support Lt. Gov. Tuck.