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Acting up again
Street lands role in John Grissom's Runaway Jury'

By Staff
RUNAWAY JURY Meridian's Elliott Street will appear in the new John Grissom movie, "Runaway Jury," set to be released Oct. 17. Street plays a con man who tries to set up the husband of a juror so that the defense can coerce her vote. Photo by Paula Merritt/The Meridian Star
By Penny Randall / staff writer
Oct. 5, 2003
He portrays Ringwald, a seedy con man who tries to set up the husband of a juror in one of the highest profile trials in United States history.
He is Meridian's Elliott Street and he will appear in the new movie "Runaway Jury," based on the novel by John Grissom, who also wrote "The Chamber" and "A Time to Kill."
The movie will be released Oct. 17 and stars Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz and John Cusack.
Playing the bad guy
Street appears in several scenes, but his main scene takes place in a bar called the Napoleon House in New Orleans' French Quarter. In fact, you may not recognize Street in the movie. His salt-and-pepper hair is cut short, he is clean-shaven and wears a gray suit.
Street said his challenge was do everything he could without many lines.
Atlanta agent
Street is represented by an agent with Atlanta Models and Talent. Before the "Runaway Jury," Street had a role in "The Legend of Bagger Vance," which started Matt Damon and Will Smith.
He had to audition for his roles in both movies.
During a week of filming last November in New Orleans, Street got to see Gene Hackman and had a wonderful time working with the movie's director, Gary Fleder, who also directed the 2001 hit "Don't Say a Word," starring Michael Douglas.
Staying in the game
Street said he continues to act, write plays and direct because it keeps him in the business.
Streets parents were both involved in acting and were founding members of Meridian Little Theatre.
Street left Mississippi in 1967 for Los Angeles. He headed the Merrystreet Theatre in 1968 and earned his bachelor's degree in theater from Pasadena College of the Arts.
He started working in the "industry" with roles in "Room 222," "Mayberry R.F.D." and "Hawaii Five-O."
He moved to Atlanta in 1982 where he was involved in theater there, acting and writing plays.
Coming home
In 1989, Street returned to Meridian to head up the restoration of the Grand Opera House. And, he started as a speech and theater instructor at Meridian Community College.
While waiting for "Runaway Jury" to be released, Street carries on with his day job at MCC.
He is currently in rehearsals with students for the play "I Will" during which he will step in for an appearance as the ghost of William Shakespeare.
Glenn Warren, 20, is one of the students in the upcoming MCC play.
J.T. Row, a student at Northeast High School, also has a part in the MCC play.
Street said acting is not a matter of changing yourself for the role.