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Oct. 7, 2003

By Staff
Voicing concern
To the editor:
This is in response to the letters that appeared after mine on parental involvement in education. There is no quick fix when it comes to education. I was offering a suggestion. How can you complain about something and not offer a solution.
I was born in Meridian and still pay taxes to the state of Mississippi, so I feel I can have a voice in something that bothers me. I am sure all of the parents work. I am in the military and work every day Monday through Friday, from 4:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. I still find the time to visit my two kids' school, either by asking for a day off, or when we have a holiday.
I have taken the time to introduce myself to all of their teachers and have made my face known in this
school system that is new to us.
I am in Meridian enough to know that there are enough altercations going on at a middle school that can be stopped if the parents were more involved. Blame it on the work and school and not taking responsibility for your own kids has only made a mountain out of a mole hill.
Deloris McQuarley
Stockbridge, Ga.
Time to be careful out there
To the editor:
As my dog and I load into my car my mother tells me to be careful and lock all my doors. This scenario is common as I leave my parents' home in the country for my home in the city. Words of caution are spoken at all departures, particularly at night.
I am single, mid 20s, work in the day and attend MSU at night. I used to feel these words were overbearing, annoying; however, currently I am appreciative of her love and concern for my safety.
It has become evident in the past year that women of Meridian are no longer safe to go shopping alone. While growing up in Meridian I have always felt safe to go and do, yet in the past few months my mother's words have carried a new awareness for me.
Frequently women are becoming victims of crime at our local shopping centers. Purses are being snatched in broad daylight or under the convenient haze of darkness. If we survive that altercation we still must swiftly try to enter our car to avoid being carjacked. Stories of these assaults are becoming all too common.
My friends and I used to call each other to talk. Now we contact each other to report the latest crime, reminding each other to be extra careful. I am disappointed and aggravated by this. I now have to plan a shopping spree. I must consider placing a wallet on my backside like a man rather than carry a purse.
What next, should I "pack" too? Something seriously needs to be done to deter these assaults, especially with the upcoming holiday season and Daylight Savings Time where dark rears its cover around 5 p.m.
I hope that these establishments are considering beefing up their security. Until they do, be careful, ladies, for the boogeyman lurking behind the bushes.
Renee Powell
The impact of NAFTA
To the editor:
Some people may not be aware of what NAFTA is. Let me enlighten you it is the North American Free Trade Agreement, and this is what it has done.
It has failed to improve workers rights and living standards, failed to improve environmental conditions and protections, failed to protect public health, safety and other public services, failed to stimulate sustainable, equitable economic growth and development, and has also failed to protect the rights of citizens against corporate corruption.
Workers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico have less job and income security, less control over economic and social policies, and less equitable income distribution.
If this is not bad enough, they are now proposing FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas) and CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement). All this will do is extend NAFTA to all the countries, North, Central and South America plus the Caribbean except Cuba. Trade ministers from many FTAA countries will be meeting in Miami in November, and negotiations are expected to be completed by 2005. CAFTA is being pushed for 2004.
If this is allowed to happen there will eventually be no manufacturing jobs left in this country.
Now that I have given you the facts, check out your candidates' stand on these issues before going to the polls, and always remember the job you save could be your own. Buy American.
Maureen Files