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New ministry counsels women hurt by adultery

By Staff
STUDY AND SUPPORT Oakland Heights Baptist Church is launching a new ministry for women hurt by adultery, "Beyond Betrayal." Group support and Bible study will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday at the church, 6630 North Hills St.Photo illustration by Kyle Carter / The Meridian Star
By Ida Brown / religion editor
Oct. 11, 2003
Life was good for Amanda.
Married four years to "the man of her dreams" and pregnant with their first child, Amanda was happy and considered herself to have a good marriage.
But one act almost destroyed this seemingly perfect life. Amanda's husband had an extramarital affair.
Beyond Betrayal
Although the marriage survived her husband's infidelity, recovery was a long and difficult process.
Desiring to offer a support system for others in similar situations, Amanda decided to organize Beyond Betrayal, a ministry of Oakland Heights Baptist Church for women hurt by adultery. The ministry provides participants a time of group support and Bible study in a religious setting that also offers anonymity.
The 90-ministry will include 45 minutes of Bible study and workbook study, and 45 minutes of open discussion. In addition to the Bible, the ministry will incorporate the book "Torn Asunder: Recovering From Extramarital Affairs."
Issues targeted include understanding why the incident happened, the different types of affairs, situations that may contribute to affairs, understanding the recovery, understanding the viewpoint of the adulterer, processes the spouse goes through (anger, grief, etc.), the recovery, and, if the marriage survives, how to rebuild trust and reconstruct intimacy.
Why this ministry?
Most churches sponsor ministries to expand their religious education programs and as a means to reach out to the community. When asked why a ministry on adultery was considered by Oakland Heights, the Rev. Mike Russell, pastor, said because of need.
When Amanda expressed the need for a ministry to assist victims of adultery to her pastor, he agreed.
The 13-week session is free, however participants will need to purchase the book/workbook. Provisions will be made for those unable to afford the literature.
At the first meeting, the group will set a date and time for the weekly sessions, which are open to all denominations. Participants will be asked to sign a privacy consent form to assure confidentiality.
For more information, call 482-5583 or 681-6611. Oakland Heights Baptist Church is at 6630 North Hills St.