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Oct. 8, 2003

By Staff
City should get its priorities in order
To the editor:
How dare these people talk setting aside $100,000 to clean off property when you have got people whose houses are about to fall in the the creek and told that it's not the city's problem? This is really stupid. Something should be done about the creek bank first.
Janice Tinsley
Thanks for supporting the Alzheimer's walk
To the editor:
A big hearty thank-you to the businesses and community who supported the 5th Annual Alzheimer's Memory Walk on Oct. 4. With a beautiful day and crisp morning air, around 170 walkers came to join the efforts to fight Alzheimer's.
With donations still coming in, we are proud to report that over $27,800 was raised.
A special thanks to corporate sponsors, grand marshals, teams, raffle ticket and door prize contributors, planning committee and media.
The following received awards for their fund-raising efforts: Individual raising most money Joan Stringer from Footprints Adult Day Center; Team raising most money Beverly Healthcare-Broadmoor; and Largest team USM Nursing Students.
We are excited about the continued growth and support from the community. Again, thanks to everyone. For more information on Alzheimer's, call the local office at 483-4720.
Linda Oliver, Barb Dobrosky
Memory Walk co-chairmen
Assistant police chief concerned about DUIs
To the editor:
Did you know: In 2002 there were 17,214 people killed and about 500,000 injured in the United States. The people that were killed or injured had spouses, kids, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grand kids, aunts, and uncles. This is about three times as many as were killed on 9/11.
The cause: Impaired drivers
Even though arrests for DUIs are up in Mississippi, we still have the most impaired driving in the USA. You think you have not been affected by this. You most likely have in terms of paying higher car insurance rates, health insurance rates and taxes to take impaired drivers off the road.
Please don't drink and drive, or take drugs and drive and friends don't let friends drive drunk. You drink, you drive, you lose (along with everyone else).
If you would like more information, please let me know and I will try to provide facts for you.
Capt. Rick McCary
Meridian Police Department
Celebrating Nurse Midwifery Week
To the editor:
The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) has announced that National Nurse Midwifery Week will be celebrated Oct. 5-10 for the 7,000 certified nurse midwives in the U.S.
Certified nurse midwives are well-educated, master-prepared registered nurses who have additional certification in midwifery.
There are currently nine nurse midwives in Meridian and the surrounding area who are providers of primary women's health care. Certified nurse midwives care for adolescents with cycle irregularities, for young women with family planning needs, prenatal and birth care, and for mature women with perimenopausal and postmenopausal issues.
Midwife means "with woman" and that includes the whole woman. Hopefully through our activities this week, we can educate, inform and empower women in the Meridian area.
Because we provide care for women of all ages, we are very family-oriented. We educated women on domestic violence services, smoking cessation programs, and healthy lifestyle changes.
Nurse-Midwifery Week is actively supported by the American College of Nurse Midwives, its members, physicians and women's health organizations across the nation.
This week is a good time to recognize the contributions that midwives make to women's health within our community and to remember those special midwives who made a difference in women's lives during the past 78 years nationally and for the last 12 years here in Meridian.
Please take the time to thank the nurse midwives for caring for our women and babies.
Sandi Goodman, CNM
President of the Mississippi
Chapter of the American College
of Nurse Midwives
Fall Fest/Catfish Feast was a big success
To the editor:
We wish to thank everyone who came to our Fall Fest/Catfish Feast at Jones Memorial Presbyterian Church on Sept. 27, and for all the support we received. Congratulations to Elsa Quintanilla for winning the quilt, and to Dr. Clarence Roberts for winning the Betty Jane Long cake.
We also wish to thank you for the coverage we received in The Meridian Star. Our day was a tremendous success, and we feel that this coverage played a big part in advertising this event. A special thanks to Paula Merritt who took the pictures.
Elaine Pogue, Elois Taylor,
and Hilma Snell
Fall Fest Committee