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Good questions
deserve answers

By Staff
Oct. 12, 2003
Pro-business groups last week raised legitimate questions about state Sen. Barbara Blackmon's so-called jobs plan, which the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor announced in July.
The Mississippi Manufacturers Association, National Federation of Independent Business, and Mississippians for Economic Progress questioned Blackmon's ability to bring new jobs to Mississippi and called upon her to reveal the jobs plan she talks about in political ads. Blackmon had only a 36 percent voting record in her last term on issues affecting small businesses in Mississippi.
The essential question they asked is this: How can Blackmon actively recruit industry to come to Mississippi when she is a managing partner in a personal injury law firm that sues the very industry she will be recruiting?
It's an excellent question that deserves an answer.
Blackmon's campaign said her new ad attempts to draw distinctions between herself and incumbent Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck on the issue of economic development.
Well, it certainly does that, but not in the way Blackmon may have intended.