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MCC students, faculty and staff lend helping hand

By Staff
October 14,2003
special to The Star
When Meridian Community College faculty, staff and students decide to do something, they go all out.
Every October, a large group of faculty, staff, and students put on special T-shirts and get together for "My College Cares Day." On this day, the school closes its doors so every student, faculty and staff member can go out into the community and lend a helping hand.
This year's event is set for Thursday.
Volunteers go to more than 100 sites and do things like pick up trash, work on houses, work with the Special Olympics and do activities with the elderly at nursing homes.
Diane Walton, one of the organizers of the event, echoed the sentiments.
Irven Skinner, the event's co-coordinator, said: "It was really great when I walked into a grocery store after the day's events last year and an elderly lady stated that what we were doing that day was great for our community."