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Make your recipe part of The Meridian Star cookbook

By Staff
Ida Brown / special sections editor
Oct. 15, 2003
While my fondest holiday memories are running downstairs each year to discover that special toy I'd talked about non-stop for months, my most treasured ones come from the kitchen.
If I close my eyes, I still can see my mother removing a pan of cornbread from the oven, looking around the kitchen to see if a certain "rat" is in the vicinity.
The "rat," which was me, would always slice a hunk of hot cornbread from the pan. "Pearl! That's for the dressing!" she would say, turning away from me and smiling the act was as traditional as turkey and dressing.
As she sauteed what seemed like a mound of onions and green peppers in butter, seasoning them with salt, pepper and garlic, I would smother that coveted slice of cornbread in margarine and then drench it with syrup. Umm. I can feel the pounds coming on.
And while I removed the skins from the sweet potatoes to mash and add milk, nutmeg and other ingredients to make a casserole, Mama would crumble the cornbread she would always have an extra pan that I was aware of and prepare to make the dressing.
Like most good cooks, my mother cooked by "feel," no measuring. The first year she tried to teach me how to make her dressing, it was like pulling teeth. Trying to write down the instructions, I would interrupt and ask, "How much is that? A teaspoon? A tablespoon?" I could tell I was "wearing her patience" by how she would stir faster than usual, or "hit" the side of a glass mixing bowl with the spoon.
But the end result would always be perfect. In time, I learned how to make my mother's dressing by feel and also by measuring. But somehow, it still tasted better when she made it.
With the holidays just around the corner, many cooks are already starting to plan and prepare for parties, office get-togethers and the great family meal. While most holiday meals will include those tried-and-true family recipes, there's always room at the table for something new.
That something new could be an old favorite from your holiday recipe stockpile.
The Meridian Star will publish a holiday cookbook in mid-November. As always, the best recipes come from you our readers. Categories will include: desserts; casseroles and vegetables; salads, soups and appetizers; meats; breads; and gifts from the kitchen.
All types are needed family recipes, cookbook favorites or your own tried-and-true concoctions. Low-fat, fat-free, low-sodium and sugar-free recipes also are encouraged.
Submit one or as many recipes as you would like. Typed recipes are preferred, but if handwritten, please print and spell out measurements such as teaspoons and tablespoons. Make sure you designate which category your recipe falls under. This will be non-competitive the holidays are stressful enough.
You can send your recipes by fax to (601) 485-1275. You also can send them by regular mail to 814 22nd Ave., Meridian, MS 39301, or by e-mail to
If you use e-mail, please cut-and-paste the recipe in the body of the e-mail; do not send your recipe as an attachment.
The Star's business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
The deadline to submit recipes is Oct. 31.