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Secret sessions
not necessary

By Staff
October 12,2003
Lauderdale County supervisors met in closed session for about two hours last week. Part of the meeting involved Lauderdale County Tax Assessor Jimmy Slay, as supervisors raised questions about sudden employee departures from his office and about his desire to contract out personal and real property appraisals. Another part involved recertification of the county jail so it can continue to house state inmates.
It isn't the supervisors' first closed meeting, but it could be the last if they would just take a little affirmative action.
We remind elected officials that they are doing the people's business with the people's money. While state law allows for closed meetings for specific reasons, such as "personnel" or "litigation," such sessions are not mandated. Supervisors always have a choice as to whether to conduct the people's business openly or behind closed doors.
We believe the open route is always best and encourage supervisors to be candid and up front by operating in public view.