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Library sponsors gingerbread house contest

By Staff
GRANDMA'S HOUSE This gingerbread house is titled "Grandma's House" and is featured in the book "The Gingerbread Book" by Allen D. Bragdon. The book is available at the Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library. submitted photo
By Penny Randall / staff writer
Oct. 19, 2003
It has been baked in Europe for centuries. It was sometimes light, sometimes dark, sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy but almost always cut into shapes and colorfully decorated.
It is gingerbread.
The Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library announces its 1st Annual Gingerbread House Contest and wants people to show what they're capable of creating.
Gingerbread houses are an old tradition as old as the story of "Hansel and Gretel" that was first recorded by the Grimm brothers in the 1800s.
Mutziger said the contest is designed to allow and entice participation from all age groups.
There are two categories for entries: gingerbread constructions and food constructions that are not gingerbread. What kinds of structures can you imagine, design, and create with food? Anything goes.
Entries will be displayed in glass cases at the Meridian-Lauderdale County Public Library. There is room for 35 entries of various sizes. Contestants must register at the library and choose their preferred size.
Because display space is limited, sizes will be available for contestants on a first-come first-served basis.
A panel of judges will select winners in two divisions technical construction and creative idea/design. Registration begins Monday. Entries will go on display Nov. 15 and remain there for three weeks.
Both groups and individuals may register. Individuals, who must be 8 years or older, will compete against individuals; groups, consisting of more than one person, will compete against groups.
Mutziger said don't let the idea of