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Dogs run wild

By Staff
October 19, 2003
The very idea that aggressive dogs running loose could kill and maim miniature horses is frightening enough, but can you even imagine what might happen if the dogs attack a child?
Three Staffordshire bull terriers which are very similar to pit bulls, according to breed specialists owned by Center Hill residents Joseph Reid and Judson Smith have now attacked twice. One of the miniature horses raised by Sharon Talbert was killed and, in the second attack, another was wounded.
Enforcement options are limited since Lauderdale County has no leash law, which would require owners to make sure their animals are under control at all times. And, Talbert makes the point that she doesn't want the dogs put to sleep. "If they are going to own dogs like that, they need to make sure they can't get out," she said.
For the safety of everyone, people who own such dogs in Lauderdale County, must be responsible for their dogs' behavior.