Big numbers on the lanes

By By Mike Carson / bowling columnist
Dec. 2, 2003
Headlines? Numbers? You want them? You've got them. But where to start? Would it be Tim Van Doren's 299 game? How about Robby Relinski missing an 800 Series because of a nasty 4-9 split in the tenth frame which netted him a 791 set in the Queen City league? Does his 725 on Wednesday night mean anything? Could it be that Mary Copeland, who has been hotter than a firecracker lately, added two more 600 Series' (including a week-high 625 for the ladies) to her total deserves top mention? It could be Mike Cothern's fifteenth and sixteenth 700s. Or how about Jeff Pierce (619) and Mary Wicker (607), who each recorded their first 600 in the past week? Or maybe it is Andrew Clayton's return to form following knew surgery that produced two 7s including a 757 and a 728.
Needless to say, last week produced some exciting action and plenty of personal achievements for local bowlers. So many names, so many scores. It is hard to know where to start. Sam Morrison reeled off a 757, which deserves mention as does Ron Coleman's 750 set on Friday. Of course there is Shirley's Gaines' 242/605 set, which was good enough to garner her the high game for the week. Yolanda Edmonds punched out games of 231 and 224 during the week and Eunice Dillard carved out a 231 game of her own. But then there is Dana Carson with a 233 game.
Bob Timms deserve space for his 263 game, but so does Keith Fike who punched out a 287 game and a 703 series. Of course I can't leave out brothers Bill Fike (729) and Leon Fike (715) who both had some numbers of their own to post. Robert Brown's good season continued with a 707 set and Mike Holcomb recorded a 700 on the nose.
Of course I don't want to leave out Dianne Travis, Karen Mattson, Denise Rutledge or Betty Aycock who all recorded games over 220. But neither do I want to omit Joe Warren, Rodney Bounds, Jesse Mendiola, Stan Bottorff, Barry Woods, Kenny Richie, Don Waldron, Ronny Phillips, M.A. Copeland or Don Sabella, all of whom had games over 250.
O.K. I give up. Make up your own headline. If I left it out, I apologize. Just give me a yell and I will try to recognize you next week. By the way, though I mentioned a few scores from the Wednesday Night Mixed league, the standings for the week will be printed next week.
As I write this one of our long-time bowlers is seriously ill in a Jackson hospital. I know all of our bowlers will join me in wishing a speedy recovery to Abe Simmons. To his wife Bettye, please know that both of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
That's all for now. Until next week. . . Good luck and good bowling!