Dec. 4, 2003

By Staff
Northeast VFD to the rescue
To the editor:
Northeast Volunteer Fire Department members once again came to our rescue on Thanksgiving eve. My old auto experienced an electrical fire at the site of the alternator. Smoke began pouring from under the hood and we used two fire extinguishers, but flames persisted.
We dialed 911, identified our location and drove the car away from our home up the driveway toward the road in front of our home. Within two minutes we heard the sirens of the trucks en route to our areasome four-plus miles away.
The trucks arrived and the professionals went to work. The fire was put out in a matter of minutes and the volunteers could not have been more concerned, courteous and professional. The damage to the car was minimal. They even sprayed the residue from the fire extinguishers off the freshly painted "old car."
Approximately 20 years ago our home was struck by lightning and the Northeast volunteers were on the scene and saved our home, which was severely damaged before they arrived. Had it not been for their efforts then, our home would have been completely lost.
For any folks planning to build or move to the country, we suggest you try to move into the area of coverage by the Northeast Volunteer Fire Department. All of our fire volunteers in the country are our heroes, but to us Northeast is special.
Barbara and Dan Self
Lost Horse Road
On the wings of eagles
To the editor:
My husband and I are originally from Meridian, but we are currently stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky., SPC Wooten is currently deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division from Ft. Campbell. I would like to express my deepest sympathies for all of the families that lost someone in the two UH 60 Blackhawks that went down on Nov. 15.
I have taken the time to send a poem to all of 4th Battalion and their families. I would like The Meridian Star to publish this so that everyone else other than all of us here at Ft. Campbell, and the other soldiers in Iraq, may read it.
Thank you very much and please keep all of our soldiers and families in your prayers.
Come home soon, 101st.
On The Wings Of A Screaming Eagle
As I look to the sky all I can see
Is a beautiful screaming eagle
looking straight back at me
His wings spread wide in defiance and pride
His eyes razor sharp as he soars over the
mountainside So majestic is he, he takes my breath away, I want to reach out and hold him,
to make him stay
To tell him I love him, to kiss him goodbye
To look in his eyes. but not ask him why.
I already know the reason, it's perfectly clear
He was doing his duty regardless of any fear.
His Commander had called him,
had sent him to war
To serve for his country, and he
soared out the door.
Now he is gone, he has flown from my sight
But never forgotten he is with me every night,
every day every second every minute he is there
he gives me quiet strength to help ease my despair.
I know I will see him again someday
in a place that is safe where children can play
where love is abundant and hate there is none
but until then I will honor him
and each and every one
I will feel him every time the wind brushes my face
When I hear the sounds of a helicopter
landing in it's place.
I will know that he is near, always close by
Whispering in my ear "Honey, please don't cry."
in a land that is free
That was founded on the blood of people from many a country
I did what was expected, what I was trained to do
It may cost me my life but it's for the Red, White and Blue."
Michelle Wooten
Ft. Campbell, Ky.