A generous donation

By Staff
December 7, 2003
The J. Robert Malone family of Meridian has provided Meridian Community College with a generous gift two-plus acres of land adjoining the MCC campus. MCC may construct a dormitory on the land, which would be a great addition to the campus.
The gift comes at a good time and was recognized by MCC President Scott Elliott as "a significant step forward in the college's master building plan." The land is located between MCC's College Crossing Apartments and College Park Shopping Center.
It was the second donation of land by the Malone family; the first allowed for construction of College Crossing Apartments, which, according to Elliott, helped MCC evolve from an urban, commuter college into an institution with a residential presence.
As Elliott said, the MCC campus is essentially land-locked with precious little space for future development. The donation clears the way for more flexibility in the college's growth.
We applaud the gift and on behalf of the entire community say thank you to the Malone family for its generosity.
Now it's time for the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors to change its thinking and also contribute to capital improvements at MCC as it does to East Mississippi Community College in Kemper County. Lauderdale County taxpayers, through the board of supervisors, give $50,000 a year to EMCC for its building program.
The fair thing to do would be to give MCC at least the same consideration, which would like the Malone family's land donation give MCC, Lauderdale County's hometown college, a real boost.