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By Staff
Feb. 25, 2004
Marian Denman King has written a trilogy that follows one family's struggle to understand what happened on Kendell Mountain, a town in north Georgia.
The first book, "It Happened on Kendell Mountain," begins the story in 1910 when a man is hanged for a crime he did not commit. Fifteen years later Alyn Russell returns to the mountain on which he was raised. Thus begins a novel brimming with intrigue, mystery and romance.
The characters introduced in the book include Joyce Abernathy, Alyn's kind foster mother and the owner of a long-kept secret; Anson Kelly, long in love with Joyce but locked in a loveless marriage; and Cynthia Tanner, Alyn's childhood sweetheart and the anguished daughter of the murdered man.
The next book, "A Very Wealthy Man," was released in 2000. Portions of this book are set in Meridian and Heidelberg.
In the second book, Alyn and Cynthia are rebuilding their lives. We also meet the Russell boys, whose love for the same girl brings havoc to the family in later years. Linking the generations is a wise Indian, who reflects the passage of time in this novel of adventure and romance.
The last book of the series, "A Kendell Mountain Reunion," introduces Ryan Ratcliffe. A childhood memory has lured him to a sleepy town on Kendell Mountain, where many years have passed since Alyn Russell returned to his boyhood home. Now a grandfather, Alyn has settled comfortably in the little community, and Ryan learns the values of family and hard work as Alyn and his relatives welcome him into their lives.
Marian King, owns and operates her own business. She and her husband, Harvey, live in Calhoun, Ga., and have three grown children.
Book: "It Happened on Kendell Mountain," "A Very Wealthy Man" and "A Kendell Mountain Reunion."
Publisher: Hillsboro Press of Franklin, Tenn.
How to order: Write to Marian D. King, 132 Hunter Drive NE, Calhoun, GA 30701-4946
Cost: $15 each plus $1.84 shipping costs. Autographed copies are available on request.
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