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Feb. 29, 2004

By Staff
Harry Lackey will be greatly missed
To the editor:
Last week I lost a friend. In fact this community lost a friend. This man has had a strong influence on many people over the years, young and old. He respected his elders and encouraged the young people starting out.
Through the years this man was involved in civic and government activities as well as holding a job and providing for his family.
I first knew him through the county school system where he worked tirelessly to make our county schools better. Many of the benefits we enjoy today are to his credit.
He also had an idea for an organization where the average family could go and enjoy things together. That place turned out to be Briarwood Country Club.
There were many things to his credit, but he liked to remain on the sidelines as much as he could.
I recall several times in my life when he helped and encouraged me. So I speak from experience when I say he was a good man. There are many times when he went out of his way to be of help to someone.
His wife is a special lady, too. Because we all know that every great man has a great lady behind and beside them. I know how much she did to contribute to his success in life. They raised a lovely family together and the family is following in their father and mother's foot steps.
We will all miss him very much but, we know he is busy there in glory helping out as needed and having a good time doing whatever he can.
Thank you for the memories, Harry Lackey. We will miss you.
Ken Kinard
Time to stop all abortions
To the editor:
The 31st anniversary of the shameful Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized all abortion, at any time of pregnancy, for any or no reason, up to and during the time of delivery, seemed to pass mostly unnoticed, like the poet lamented, "Unwept, unhonored, and unsung."
Was there weeping and contrition in our churches? Did all people of goodwill remember to honor these little ones by asserting their humanity and intrinsic value, made in God's image to know, to love, and to serve Him; to be and to do something beautiful in this life that no one else could be or do in the same way?
Did we thank our Lord for the moms who did choose life? Did we pray for reconciliation and healing for moms hurt by abortion? What an urgent need it is that we recommit our lives to build a true culture of life.
Abortionists need our prayers that the Holy Spirit will illuminate their dark minds and turn their hearts to truth.
Complacency often leads us to think abortion has nothing to do with us. In Bosnia, each sect or ethnic group fights and kills the other groups and even kills within their own sect. United Nations soldiers there are instructed to be neutral, to do nothing. The result of U.N. complacency is that the sects hate the U.N. soldiers more than each other because the U.N. refuses to stop the violence.
Likewise, our complacency and neutrality are literally killing children and our culture. Likewise, our complacency and neutrality are literally killing children and our culture.
As long as violence in the womb continues, we all participate in the terrible reality, whether we choose to or not. We must wake up, speak up, pray and vote pro-life.
Thirty-one years and over 40 million babies dead and counting. Our little brothers and sisters are waiting on us.
Susan Seale
Neglected highway
To the editor:
U.S. Highway 45 N Business from Meridian through Marion, more commonly known as "Old Highway 45 N," is long overdue for maintenance. There are several large bumps in the road, rails on bridges are in need of repair and water flows through the ruts in the pavement. Our elected officials have neglected the road. How many deaths will the hazardous conditions of U.S. Highway 45 N Business cause before our elected officials repair the road?
Brandon Adams