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March 4, 2004

By Staff
The right to be different
To the editor:
Has the community gotten out of hand about gay/lesbian marriages? Today I am only 15, and I know what you think only 15 "she does not know nothing. " But, I do know that God made us who we are and nobody should take that for granted.
I know it is kind of crazy to think of things in such a situation as this one, but people have to realize being different doesn't make a person bad. It makes the people who discriminate and hate look bad. These people who they call bad just because they are gay or lesbian have feelings, too.
God works in mysterious ways, someone once told me. If it were not meant for these people to be together, He would have not let it happen, right? I think people and their families deserve the chance to
live free in peace without someone having a statement about something in their lives. That would be like if someone came into your life and said something inappropriate about your partner in marriage or love. Wouldn't you get offended by it? I know I would.
I wish these people the best of luck and am happy they are standing up for themselves and their rights.
Heather Blansett
Faith restored
To the editor:
My faith in humanity and the goodness of the people of Meridian has again been restored. On Feb. 23, I had picked up two 250-pound tubs of cattle feed in my flatbed truck; inadvertently, one of the tubs slid off the truck, landing in the road at the intersection of Highway 45 bypass and 14th street at the stop light. I was unaware of this until a motorist stopped his car, got out in the rain flagged me down. I thanked him and returned to the downed drum wondering about the Herculean task of getting a 250-pound tub back on the truck.
Upon alighting I found an elderly man attempting to roll the tub out of the road. I assisted him in this, and we got the tub to the back of the truck. As we were attempting to lift it on the truck (unsuccessfully) a very nice young man arrived, and the three of us got it on the truck. These three people parked their vehicles, came out in the pouring rain and helped a stranger in a bad situation.
I didn't get any names as they left hurriedly, but if they read this letter they will know who they are, and know that I owe them my heartfelt thanks.
Merton Miller
Kate Griffin pageant was a great event
To the editor:
Having served as judges for the 2004 Kate Griffin Beauty and Beau Pageant on Feb. 13, we would like to take this opportunity to commend those who were involved with planning and producing this year's pageant.
It was a wonderful evening designed to provide young men and young women at Kate Griffin with an opportunity to display not only their outward appearance, but their poise, personality and thoughts concerning what is important to them.
As judges, we were impressed and pleased with the respect demonstrated by the audience of students and adults. Cheers and encouragement were offered for all the contestants, which demonstrated respect for everyone who chose to participate.
It was evident that much time and planning was involved in preparing for this fund-raising effort. It was a pleasure to be part of this annual event. Others are encouraged to attend and participate in the years ahead.
Diana Moseley
Cheryl Thomas
Ricky Hood
Reola Daniels
Rev. Odell Hopkins
Kristie Hearn
James Harrison
An uncertain future
To the editor:
Like many other people, I have growing concerns about the topsy-turvy state of being that we are living in these days.
I was a child of the sixties, a time we then thought was wild and woolly. In retrospect we now consider those days tame compared to what our world faces now. Our children are bombarded with constant violent, negative behavior on TV, in music, and in the news. Governments throughout the world are out of control, leaving people increasingly discouraged and
uncertain of what the future holds.
I know, as only one person, I have very little influence on what happens worldwide or even in our own nation. I also realize that unless I, as an individual with one vote, am willing to step up and voice my concerns and dismay regarding the direction our so-called leaders are taking us, then I have no right to complain when things take a turn for the worse.
Terrorists aren't the greatest danger for our country … voter apathy is. I believe we owe it to not only the heroes who have died for our rights and freedoms, but also for our children, grandchildren, and generations to step up one by one until we come together in one loud voice demanding our leaders to step back and look where we are.
This Lenten season is a great time to reflect on where we as a people want to take our country. Now is the time for deep personal reflection and prayer. Now is the time to commit ourselves to walk hand in hand as one people, one nation and one world for the betterment of all God's children.
Catherine Slay