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Local inventor makes a hit with HitMakers

By Staff
GOLFER'S DREAM Inventor Mike Denson shows off the newest prototype of the HitMaker. It can be used for either golf, baseball or softball and helps a player stay still while swinging. The HitMaker stops a golfer from swaying on a shot, while it can keep a batter from committing to a pitch too early. Photo by Kyle Carter / The Meridian Star.
By Steve Gillespie / staff writer
March 7, 2004
A Meridian inventor is ready to market the product he has developed for two years.
The inspiration for Mike Denson's HitMaker originated with his son, Shade, to help him with his Little League batting swing. Another HitMaker evolved from the first one, to help golfers improve their swing.
The University of Mississippi baseball team also uses the HitMaker 1.
Denson has started filming an "infomercial" for television that he hopes will be seen by the end of the month, and he also is approaching retailers to sell his product.
He said the HitMakers will be available at "Judge" Little Co. Inc. sporting goods store in Meridian later this month.
Denson said he has gone through about 10 prototypes, tweaking and adjusting HitMaker 1 and HitMaker 2 until they were just right.
Both devices are secured to the ground by spikes. The batter or golfer stands on the HitMaker, which is adjustable in height and has a cushion where it meets the person's leg. Each HitMaker trains batters and golfers to keep their legs in the right position to improve their swing.
HitMaker 1 and 2 can be placed behind the leg, to the outside of the leg, or the inside of the leg to help golfers and batters correct their stance at different stages of their swing. They can be used by right-handed or left-handed batters and golfers.
In baseball and softball, Denson said the HitMaker 1 helps batters stay behind the ball, keeps them from over-rotating their hips, and improves other fundamentals.
In golf, Denson said the HitMaker 2 holds the golfer in his or her swing pattern.
Jimmy Gamblin, who has been the golf pro at Northwood Country Club for 26 years, called the HitMaker 2 a good teaching aide.