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Husband thanks Anderson staff for its gentle, cheerful care

By Staff
This "Bragging Rights" story about Dr. Scott Anderson and the staff of Jeff Anderson Regional Cancer Center was written by Dr. Asa N. Green, president emeritus of the University of West Alabama at Livingston. It was submitted to Profile 2004: Building Bridges, but did not run in the special edition due to space limitations.
The Meridian Star is happy to present Dr. Green's story, framed as a letter to Dr. Anderson, at this time.
By Asa N. Green / special to The Star
March 8, 2004
Dear Dr. Anderson,
During Betty's recent ordeal with cancer, she was treated twice in your clinic. The first time she underwent 10 radiation treatments aimed at alleviating pain from the tumors in her bones and to strengthen the bones to forestall spontaneous fractures.
The second course of treatment, some two to three weeks later, was directed to the tumor that had been found in her brain. But, as I recall, she had only three, perhaps four, treatments out of a projected total of 25. Her condition deteriorated so rapidly that Dr. Halbrook canceled the remaining treatments.
I accompanied her to all but two of the treatments she did receive, and I talked with you before each course of treatment. You were very responsive to questions, and clearly and in detail set forth the rationale for the treatments which helped me better understand her situation.
Additionally, I was impressed by the competence and caring attitude of your staff who administered the treatments. They were as gentle as possible, cheerful and reassuring. Clearly, they understood Betty's apprehension and tried to ease it as much as possible.
Simply put, we are fortunate to have such a facility staffed by such outstanding professionals in our area. I know that does not just happen it requires much planning and effort and I appreciate your leadership and initiative in its development.