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So, fishing is a man's sport, you say?

By By Carla Horne / special to The Star
March 5, 2004
I would like you to take a minute to rethink this age-old myth. Statistics show the number of women who fish is growing. It may come as a surprise, even for the Southern gentleman.
Not long ago, a little smile lit up my husband's face when I told him I had recently submitted a subscription for Field &Stream and Bassin' magazines. Of course, the magazines were not a present for my husband.
What is it about going to a lake in the heat of summer, usually in the depths of woods infested by atomic mosquitoes, to boot for a woman, there is no porta-potty?
What is the lure? Competition? Yes! Hanging out with the man or men? Yes! Catching the "Big One"? Yes! For Serenity? Absolutely.
At least for me, I can say the need to go fishing outweighs the want. Words do little to describe the incredible feeling you get fishing a couple of hours or an entire day. Adrenaline rises as the bites get closer in sequence and as the sunbeams cast tree shadows capturing the sparkles of light dancing in unison on the lake.
It is the potential promise of not only hooking the "Big One," but also landing it. Even if it is only a brief moment in time, long enough to weigh the bass on your sacred electric deliar scale, take photos and return it to the homestead of tranquility.
So, who cleans the keepers? That one is debatable.
I, as a woman, prefer to say, I'll catch'em, honey, you clean'um."