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Students learn real life' math

By By Georgia E. Frye / staff writer
March 25, 2004
While some high school students believe they will never use what they learned in math class, West Lauderdale High School students are learning math skills they will need in the real world.
In Cumberland's "Survey of Mathematical Topics" class, juniors and seniors learn how to do their taxes, how to manage a checking account and how to budget their money.
They also learn about investments, stocks, life insurance, home ownership and how to determine monthly payments on a new car.
The Meridian Star visited Cumberland's class Wednesday as a part of an ongoing series of stories that looks at what students are being taught in schools across Meridian and Lauderdale County.
The math class is not a requirement for graduation at West Lauderdale, but Cumberland said she wishes it was.
The class has an enrollment of 20 students, and most agree the course is preparing them for the future.
Smith, who works at Sweets &Beans in downtown Meridian, said she also learned how to do her income taxes in Cumberland's class.
Cody Williams, a senior, agreed. He said he wants to major in business and marketing in college and that is why he choose to take the class.
Cumberland said her class has received some attention from Intuit, the company that makes TurboTax computer software that helps people prepare their income tax returns.
Cumberland said the company is interested in learning how their software is being used in the classroom. Cumberland said a couple of her students may do phone interviews with the company.