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MCC students win science program award

By Staff
special to The Star
April 8, 2004
Meridian Community College students Kevin Pereira, Bridget Confait and Lauren Goodman will have plenty to write about next fall when asked what they did on their summer vacation.
The students have been accepted to the 2004 Research Experience for Undergraduates program sponsored by the National Science Foundation Materials Research Science Engineering Center at the University of Southern Mississippi.
The 10-week program begins June 1.
While there, students will experience hands-on research through interdisciplinary programs in polymer and biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry and physics.
They'll get the chance to use state-of-the art scientific instruments in the labs as well as hear guest speakers from the science industry and academia.
There also will be opportunities for touring NASA Space Center, polymer and chemical plants and marine research facilities.
The award comes with a $4,000 stipend and Pereira, Confait and Goodman will have their room and board paid as well as some travel expenses.
MCC chemistry instructor Angie Carraway learned of the science opportunity through a flyer sent to her and she passed along the information to her students.
The students, who are also honor students, are excited about the summer opportunity.
Pereira is a sophomore computer science major, Confait is a freshman chemistry major and Goodman is a freshman polymer science major. Pereira, a native of Venezuela, will graduate from MCC in May. Confait is a defensive player for the Lady Eagles. And Goodman is a member of the College's new vocal ensemble, CORE.