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MCC students take home art awards

By Staff
special to The Star
April 24, 2004
Meridian Community College students took home awards during the recent 2004 Meridian Community College Fine Arts Student Competition, which took place April 17 at MCC.
Here is a look at the winners. The students' art will remain on display in Miller Gallery through May 7.
Best of Show: Kriss Mizelle, 3-D design, "Seclusion."
Painting: Bernadette Birzer, first place, "It Simply Would Not Die"; Paige Ammon, second place, "February's Eleventh"; Melissa Freitas, third place, "Sorrow"; and Anna Hurtt, honorable mention, "So This Is Abstract."
Ceramics: Rachel McCraney, first place, "All Legs"; Melissa Freitas, second place, "Oriental Tea Set"; Shahryar M. Naqui, third place, "Hope"; and Joseph Steinke, honorable mention, "Spectacle of Man."
2-D Design: Lauren Hughs, first place, "Big Bang"; Melissa Stafford, second place, "Unknown Abyss"; Paige Ammon, third place, "Para Kitty"; and Melissa Stafford, honorable mention, "Science Fiction."
Drawing: Kriss Mizelle, first place, "Destructive Criticism"; Bernadette Birzer, second place, "Chatting by the Water Cooler"; Michael Rucker, third place, "Light Upon The Looking Tree"; and Jessie Brashier, honorable mention, "Stone Faces."
Graphic design: Antonio Naylor, first place, "CD Cover: Lloyd Banks"; Melissa Stafford, second place, "Aurthur Hughs"; Anna Hurtt, third place, "Polo Jeans Ad"; and Melissa Stafford, honorable mention, "Company Logo."
Photography: Troy Gray, first place, "Toothy Grin For The Pretty Lady"; Melissa Freitas, second place, "Reflections"; Anna Hurtt, third place, "Doorscape"; and Troy Gray, honorable mention, "Take Your King &Raise You Ten."
3-D Design: Anna Lucas, first place, "Meat Thermometer"; Kriss Mizelle, second place, "View Into Darkness"; Melissa Freitas, third place, "Untitled: Barbies"; and Melissa Stafford, honorable mention, "Christ Bride, Pure &Elegant."