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May 5, 2004

By Staff
Busler's art a treat
Meridian is fortunate to have in its midst a very talented artist whose works both past and present are on display at the Meridian Museum of Art through May 29.
The Charlie Busler exhibit is breathtaking and proves once again that you do not have to travel to Birmingham, New Orleans or Jackson to see fine art.
His work, the newest of which are landscapes in an impressionistic style, are brilliantly colorful. His pen and inks are reminiscent of Walter Anderson.
The exhibit shows the transition of Charlie's work over the past quarter century. Many of the works are from private collections but others may be purchased.
The museum hours are 1 p.m.- 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is free.
Over the course of the next few weeks, please take the opportunity to lift your spirits and take pride in the artistic endeavors of one of our own.
Thank you, Charlie Busler.
Deb Bresnahan
Board member
Meridian Museum of Art
An American hero
I am proud of our latest great American hero, Pat Tillman. While so many of our already overpaid professional athletes whine about more money and unearned respect, this gallant young American left it all behind to serve his beloved country and ultimately made the supreme sacrifice.
He now rests beneath the sod and as far as I am concerned the Earth that holds his remains is honored and hallowed ground.
Hank Florey
Wait for war to end
Concerning the issue of whether or not to place a memorial for Chris Mabry, people need to realize that the war with Iraq is not over. Several more soldiers may be killed before this thing is over. What are we going to do, put individual memorials up for each and every one of these brave soldiers?
What's the hurry? The Vietnam Veterans had to wait for their memorial and WW II Veterans only got a memorial in their recognition after nearly 60 years. I feel that many Meridianites are "jumping the gun." We should wait until the war is over, and then memorialize all who gave their lives.
L.M. Cody
Great health care
I had a neck injury and was taken to Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center's Emergency Room in the early morning hours on Sunday, May 2. I have lived in Meridian for four years and have heard much talk of the wonderful reputation of Anderson's, so it was the place I chose to go.
Everything that I heard was true. The hospital is immaculate. More importantly, the quality of care I received was outstanding. Everyone who attended to me, from the ER nurses to the incredibly sweet X-ray tech who wiped my tears away to Dr. Michael Stodard, who treated me with the utmost of kindness and compassion. I was so highly impressed with the entire staff and wanted to say thank you. So thank you, Anderson's, for everything.
Julie Shelton