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Savor the promise

By Staff
May 17, 2004
They won't all become obstetricians and gynecologists, whose average annual salary of $179,090 sits atop the list of the best-paying jobs in Mississippi. Hopefully, they won't find themselves locked into low-paying, dead-end retail jobs, either.
Most of the 2004 crop of graduates will initially find themselves nestled somewhere in the vast middle ground, hopefully earning enough to begin to build a life and career. At least that's the way it usually works.
Earning a college degree is an academic achievement that far too many Mississippians never enjoy. Earning a community college degree helps students who want to go on to a four-year institution or who have mastered a vocational-technical area of expertise and are ready to get out into the workplace. Earning only a high school degree is, experts say, increasingly unlikely to take one where one wants to go.
But this is the season for graduations and, today, we offer congratulations to all of our area graduates high school, community college and university. May each of you savor the promise of life.