Franklin County welcomes a much needed heat break

By Staff
Last week marked the official beginning of fall and most everyone here in the South is glad to see it come because this hottest season's we've seen.
The National Weather Service reported that the summer 2006 was the second warmest June-to-August period in the continental U.S. since records began in 1895, according to scientists at the NOAA National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.
Additionally, the 2006 January-to-August period was the warmest on record for the continental U.S.
Above-average rainfall last month in the central and southwestern U.S. improved drought conditions in some areas, but moderate-to-extreme drought continued to affect 40 percent of the country.
The Residential Energy Demand Temperature Index (REDTI) ranked this summer as the sixth highest index in the 112-year record.
Using this index, NOAA scientists determined that the nation's residential energy demand was approximately 10 percent higher than what would have occurred under average climate conditions for the season.
Last month was the 11th warmest August on record in the contiguous U.S.
Everyone knew it was a hot summer and it was finally confirmed by the NWS.
Now, we will all get a break from the heat this fall.
We have already gotten a taste of fall with a couple cool days in the last week.
It appears we are going to have some more cool days next week.
The only thing is that the dry weather in the state may not give us a pretty change in colors this year, but most of us will take the cooler weather anyway.
Get out this fall and enjoy the cooler weather. Take some time to spend with your families and enjoy plenty of football around the county.