Education Association honors Russellville administrators

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT Writer
The Russellville Education Association honored two local educators during a reception held in their honor Monday afternoon.
Dr. Wayne Ray, Russellville Superintendent, was named Alabama's Superintendent of the Year earlier this month. The award was a surprise to Ray because our state has many good school systems, and are deserving of this award.
"There are 18 other systems in our district alone," he said. "It was truly an honor just to be nominated."
Ray also admited that he did not achieve this award alone, mentioning a good system takes work from the faculty and staff of each school.
Ray will travel to New Orleans next month to represent the state at the national level.
West Elementary School's Ramona Robinson was selected as Alabama's Principal of the Year by the Alabama Association of Elementary School Administrators last spring.
Robinson traveled to Washington D.C. last month for the national conference. During her trip, she had the chance to meet principals from all 50 states, and three from military schools.
"When I get to thinking how tough we have it here, I will just think about the problems at the military school in Beirut," Robinson said.
Robinson will also serve on the committee for candidate selection for this year's Principal of the Year, and will chair the committee for the selection of next year's award as part of her duties.
This is Robinson's twelfth year as principle at West Elementary School, but she has been apart of the Russellville City Schools family for 27 years.
"I worked half a year at a school in Colbert County as a student teacher, but the rest of my career has been at Russellville," Robinson said.
Teachers and administrators with Russellville City Schools, and family members attended the reception held in their honor.