Benefit to be held for local boy

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT staff writer
Franklin County's Church community will host a benefit dinner tomorrow for a local boy.
Grace Convenient, New Freedom Christian Church, both of Russellville, and New Freedom Mission in Phil Campbell will host a chicken stew dinner, which begin at 10 a.m.
All proceeds will go toward medical bills for Jeremiah Marshall, a 9-year-old boy who was injured during a hayride in October.
The boy spent nine days in Huntsville Hospital. He sustained multiple injuries including a broken pelvic bone, and a collapsed lung, his mother, Nora Marshall, said.
The accident occurred when Jeremiah attempted to jump from the bed of the truck to the trailer that tagged behind. He fell short of the trailer, and was run over, Marshall said.
"My daughter came running up to me hysterical saying that Jeremiah had been run over during the hayride," Marshall said.
Since the accident, Jeremiah's recovery has seemed miraculous. Although he suffered some internal bleeding, the doctor's found that surgery would not repair it. There was nothing that could be done except to let his body heal, Marshall said.
"Since the accident, he has just progressed," Marshall said. "In the last few days, his has begun to improve even more."
Although Jeremiah is on the mend, his recovery will be extensive. The family has incurred massive medical bills as a result of the accident, and the three churches felt the need to hold the benefit for the child, Mario McCulloch, pastor for New Freedom Christian Church, said.
The benefit will be held at Grace Covenant, located on the corner of Highway 24 and Lawrence Street. Plates will cost $5 and will include all you can eat chicken stew, dessert and drink.
Jeremiah is the son of Greg and Nora Marshall, and is one of seven children.