Farewell to Santa…..until next year

By Staff
Jason Cannon, FCT Publisher
Yet another Christmas has come and gone.
Each year it seems like Christmas gets here sooner and is gone just as quickly.
Excitement about the holiday is at an all-time high at the Cannon household this year. Tiffany and I stocked the house with decorations and bought everything we thought our two-year old Lizzie could possibly want.
We were both anxious when we went to bed Christmas Eve and excited at how Lizzie would react when she saw what Santa left her.
When we awoke Christmas Day, Lizzie walked across the living room, looked right at a healthy pile of presents from Santa.
She then climbed up on the couch, asked for a glass of milk and wanted to watch Spongebob.
Tiffany pointed out that Santa has left Lizzie a bunch of new toys under the tree. Lizzie climbed down, walked over to the tree and finally picked up a present.
Lizzie paused after opening each present, taking time to play with it and help clean up the wrapping paper and box pieces.
After all was said and done, it took Lizzie about three hours to open the 10 or so presents the big red man left for her.
Now Santa's back home and in his bed at the North Pole, post-Christmas cleanup begins.
After more than a month of heavy duty Christmas decorating and entertaining, I dread nothing more than having to clean it all up.
Our Christmas tree is so dry now it feels like a giant pine cone. I'm not looking forward to dragging it outside.
I'm also afraid of what Lizzie will think when she's her new best friend being stuffed back into his box.
Lizzie loves Santa Claus. I'm dreading taking down the giant inflatable Santa in our front yard.
Every night, she goes outside to tell him goodnight before I unplug and deflate him.
Every morning she asks to go outside and wake him up.
This was Lizzie's first Christmas where she actually understood what was going on around her and we all had a blast as a result.
I hope that each of you had as merry of a Christmas as I did and I wish each of you a Happy New Year.