Russellville Tiger Moms selling cookbooks

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT writer
The Russellville High School Golden Tiger Moms are in the midst of selling cookbooks to fund the football team's upcoming banquet.
The cookbook, "Cooking with the Tigers," is a hardcover book with more than 100 pages filled with recipes. These recipes came straight from the kitchens of the Russellville Tiger Moms, Lisa Stockton, Tiger Mom, said.
The books can be purchased for $15 at the Chamber of Commerce. All proceeds from the books go to fund the Tiger's annual football banquet, which will be held Jan. 28 at the A.W. Todd Center.
"We have already sold 150 books, but we have another 150 to go," Stockton said.
The Tiger Moms are very serious about their football. They are the ones responsible for the milk jug shakers at the ball games, which is annoying to some but considered team spirit to others.
"I remember when the first Tiger Mom started shaking her milk jug, and the football announcer said, over the loud speaker, 'look at that Tiger Mom shaking her jugs!' Everyone thought he was talking about something else," Stockton laughed.
Tiger moms just love Tiger football. They support everything involved with fall Friday nights including the Marching Hundred, the Russellville dogs sold at the concession stand, pep rallies, and wearing their Tiger mom shirt.
"The rule is that the way to get a Tiger mom shirt is to give birth a Tiger," Stockton said.
Anyone wishing to purchase a cookbook can contact Lisa at the Chamber of Commerce at 332-1760.