Show some homegrown support

By Staff
Jason Cannon, FCT Publisher
It's amazing at the really big things you can find going on in your community.
Take for example, Angela and Zac Hacker. They have gone from a small community in Franklin County to the white-hot lights in front of a national audience on Nashville Star.
The brother and sister singers are two of six remaining hopefuls to land a Nashville recording contract on county's music's answer to American Idol.
Both have already survived elimination in previous weeks and there is a 33-percent chance that at least one Hacker will find themselves in the finals.
Both singer-songwriters have found their share of local fame and both are on the brink of nationwide success.
It takes a special kind of person to make music their career of choice, especially when you consider the competition and fickleness of the business.
I played guitar in a band through college but we never took it seriously. We played for free a lot of times, just to give us something to do.
We were decent, at least I thought so, but we were by no means good enough to make a career out of it.
Anyone who follows music, or listens to it for that matter, knows first hand that this month's "next big thing" may not be around next month.
Very few artists actually achieve fame and keep it until the end of their careers.
As musical tastes change, there is an ever-growing pool of people just itching to take an artist's place at the top of the charts.
For every one person who lands a record deal, there are a thousand of other artists looking for their big break.
The Hackers big break seems to have come in front of a national television audience and they need our help to make big things happen.
I urge you to pick up the phone tomorrow night as one of the Hackers takes aim at their dream and phone in some support for one of Franklin County's own.
If you have a cell phone, two home phone lines or some family close by, phone in all the support your dialing fingers will let you.