Fill some super bowls for the Mission

By Staff
Melissa Dozier-Cason, FCT Writer
Today is the big day. Millions of Americans will gather around their big screen televisions to watch the Super Bowl. Pizza, sandwiches, cold drinks and other snack foods will be consumed by millions of fans tuning into the big game.
While I am not a be sports person, I love the Super Bowl, mainly for half time show and the new commercials that come on in the breaks in the game.
I guess I got used to watching the big game as a kid because we only had one TV.
My parents were square and refused to have more than one. Since my dad is a huge sports junkie, and my brother was an athlete, the Super Bowl was always a mainstay at my house.
Out of desperation I learned to like it, or at least tolerate it. That's how I started watching the commercials. For me the game was the commercial and the ads were the entertainment.
Now that I am grown – with a television in every room no less – I am thinking my parents weren't too square after all.
We had family time together watching our favorite shows and talking during the commercials.
Now, my kids have their own TV, actually they have two. Jimmy watches the big screen in the living room and I usually watch a movie or something in our bedroom. I never watch football, basketball or baseball games with Jimmy.
But, when the Super Bowl comes on, I have Jimmy call me into the living room during the breaks so that I can see the commercials and of course I always watch half time.
Otherwise, I am watching a chick-flick in the other room.
This year I might watch it just because Jimmy won't be there to tell me when to tune in and I love the commercials. They are always big.
When you are enjoying the big game and get hungry think of Five Star Pizza. Their canned food drive for the Faith Mission will begin today. If you bring in canned food item, you will receive a free batch of cinnamon sticks with your pizza purchase.
So go to Five Star and bring lots of canned food items, and while you are scarfing down pizza and watching the big game, you can be helping others all at the same time.
The canned food drive will be going on through Valentine's Day, so every time you have a craving for pizza over the next 10 days, don't forget the canned food item and you'll get a treat for dessert.
Thanks to Five Star Pizza for sponsoring this food drive. I know it is appreciated by everyone at the Faith Mission.