C is for cookie, S is for Scout

By Staff
Melissa Cason, FCT Writer
Girl Scout cookies have been delivered in Franklin County. A representative for each of the nine Franklin County Girl Scouts troops gathered at the Chuckie Mullins Center to collect their order for this year's cookies.
The trucks arrived at 8:30 Thursday morning, but the cookie collection was slow getting started.
"We are usually half way unpacked by mid-morning," Amanda Hovater, Brownie Troop 227 co-leader, said.
There was a problem with the cookie delivery but by 10:30 a.m. the leaders were allowed to get their cookies.
However, the delay made time for the leaders to discuss projects among themselves for their girls. Trips to Chattanooga and cabin camping were discussed among the leaders.
"Our girls really enjoyed our Chattanooga trip to the aquarium last year," Jenna Stanfield, Red Bay juniors leader, said.
Trips and activities outside of the regular troop meeting are the reason cookies sales are important to the Girl Scouts. Without cookies, funding would not be available for these activities.
"I am a believer in Girl Scout Camp," Mitzi McNutt, Troop 227 leader, said.
In addition to raising money for the troop, selling cookies teaches the girls about manners, marketing and other skills needed to become successful adults.
The girls sold approximately 12,000 boxes of cookies countywide.
Once each troop collected their cookies the real work began. Each case was unpacked and sorted into stacks according to who sold them.
Brownie Troop 227 recruited extra help to sort and stack over 3,000 boxes of cookies. RHS students Chase Gilmer and Patrick Akers took the day off from school to do a little community service.
"We want to thank both the boys for their help," Hovater said. "They helped us out tremendously."
In addition to individual sales, most of the troops will host cookie booth sales at various businesses in the coming weeks.