Local walk to benefit child abuse victims

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
In two weeks, more than 1000 people in six counties will join together to bring awareness and hope to help end child abuse.
The 2007 Walk-a-Mile For a Child is scheduled for Friday, March 30 at 10 a.m. at Faith Mission Outreach. The event, sponsored by Safeplace, Inc., is designed to bring awareness to child abuse – awareness that will hopefully stop the violence, Suzanne Swaim said.
"April is Child Abuse Awareness month, and the more information we have out there the better," she said.
Franklin County has already registered more than 100 walkers for the event, but is still recruiting for the 2-mile walk.
The event will be capped off with a special ceremony at the county courthouse, and the releasing of balloons in honor of victims.
While the event is targeted to bring awareness to child abuse, it is also a fundraiser for Safeplace, Inc.
The money will be used to fund the services that Safeplace, Inc. provides for victims of domestic violence.
For more information on Safeplace, Inc. or to register for the walk, call 331-047