Local woman writes first book

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
A Franklin County woman has finally fulfilled her life long dream of writing a children's book.
Diane Pace of Russellville is a longtime educator specializing in early childhood development. Recently, Pace's dream of publishing a children's book became a reality when "Odel's Diner" recently rolled off the presses.
The book teaches children about Appalachian culture through food.
All children can relate to food as a way to eat, and using food helps them understand different cultures more easily, Pace said.
"There are so many different children's books about different culture's out there, but there are very few books about Appalachian culture for children," Pace added.
The book tells the story of a cat that is watching different people eat different foods from black-eyed peas to blackberry cobbler.
The book also includes recipes in the back. These recipes were all given to Pace orally by good southern cooks.
"I used rhyme, repetition and alliteration in the book so that is easier to read for children who are learning how to read," Pace said.
Pace also created a teacher's resource guide for Thematic Based Instruction to give teachers so they can use the book in the classroom to help students learn to read.
Doug Allen, who is a well-known artist in our area, illustrated the book for Pace.
"I went to school with Doug…I ran into him one day and asked him if he'd be interested in illustrating a children's book with me," Pace said.
The project took two years to complete but now the finished product can be found at Coldwater Books or by going online to www.alagal.com
Pace and Allen have already had one successful book signing in Muscle Shoals and are considering having a book signing in Franklin County, although no date has been set.