Local speaks to House committee

By Staff
Brandi Poss, the reigning Miss Tennessee Valley, spoke to the House Judiciary Committee as a guest of Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, D-Red Bay.
Poss, 20, will be competing for the title of Miss Alabama; she is a sophomore at the University of North Alabama and is from Russellville.
Poss spoke of the importance of teaching children about child abuse and neglect.
"I am very honored that Miss Poss spoke to the Committee," said Morrow.
"She is an asset to our community, and we are very proud of her."
Poss spoke of her crusade to end child abuse and neglect. Poss became familiar with child abuse after her family received a victim of child abuse when she was in the eighth grade.
"This is an important issue, and I am glad that Brandi is bringing it to the forefront," added Morrow. "The better educated people are about child abuse and neglect, the better off we'll all be."
The House of Representatives next convenes on Thursday, March 29 for the eighth legislative day of the 2007 regular session.